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The Incredible Melting Man

The Incredible Melting Man – 1977
The first new horror creature
William Sachs

William Sachs

Peter Cornberg associate producer
Robert L. Fenton associate producer
Samuel W. Gelfman producer
Max Rosenberg executive producer

Alex Rebar – Steve West (The Melting Man)
Burr DeBenning – Dr. Ted Nelson
Myron Healey – Gen. Perry
Michael Alldredge – Sheriff Blake
Ann Sweeny – Judy Nelson
Lisle Wilson – Dr. Loring
Cheryl Smith – The Model (as Rainbeaux Smith)
Julie Drazen – Carol
Stuart Edmond Rodgers – Little boy
Chris Witney – Little boy
Edwin Max – Harold
Dorothy Love – Helen
Janus Blythe – Nell
Jonathan Demme – Matt
Westbrook Claridge – Security guard #2
DeForest Covan – Janitor
Samuel W. Gelfman – Fisherman
Bonnie Inch – Nurse
Mickey Lolich – Security guard #1
Keith Michl – Maintenance man
Leigh Mitchell – Carol’s mother
Don Walters – Photographer
Newell Alexander – Steve West (voice)
Rosemary Lovell – Nora (voice)
Dave Hull – Houston Control (voice)
Jennifer Mulaire – Newscaster (voice)
James F. Inch – Homeless man

Review by Sven Soetemans

In space nobody can hear you…melt
“The Incredible Melting Man” is a fantastically gross, trashy and energetic Z-grade production that every self-respecting camp-horror freak simply has to see for him/herself! The ideal way to describe this low-budget 70’s gem is like a shameless copy of Hammer’s “The Quatermass Xperiment” …only a thousand times filthier! Astronaust Steve West is the only survivor of a disastrous space-mission, but turns out the carrier of a horrible disease that makes him radioactive and … causes him to melt!

In shock after seeing his face in the mirror (can you blame him?), Steve busts out of the hospital, leaving a trail of sticky pus and fallen off body parts behind. Doctor Ted Nelson has to find him urgently, as the disease also set Steve up with an insatiable appetite for human flesh. The premise may sound utterly stupid but this flick is enormously entertaining and contains great make-up effects from the hand of Rick Baker.

The melting dude’s face looks like a rotting pizza and his heavy breathing makes him sound like Darth Vader! Another big advantage is that William Sachs’ screenplay doesn’t waste any time on tedious scientific explanations or emotional speeches. The repulsiveness starts right away and lasts until the very last moment of the film.

Just enjoy this silly horror gem and try to switch off your brain activity as much as you can because, if you start contemplating about the many stupidities in the script, you’ll miss out on all the campy fun!

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