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Supervixens – 1975
Too much…for one movie!
Russ Meyer

Russ Meyer

Wilfred Kues associate producer
Russ Meyer producer
Charles Napier associate producer
Fred Owens associate producer
James Parsons associate producer
Anthony-James Ryan executive producer (as A. James Ryan)

Shari Eubank – SuperAngel/SuperVixen
Charles Napier – Harry Sledge
Uschi Digard – SuperSoul/Telephone Operator
Charles Pitts – Clint Ramsey
Henry Rowland – Martin Bormann
Christy Hartburg – SuperLorna
Sharon Kelly – SuperCherry
John Lazar – Cal MacKinney
Stuart Lancaster – Lute
Deborah McGuire – SuperEula
Glenn Dixon – Luther
Haji – SuperHaji
‘Big Jack’ Provan – Sheriff (as Big Jack Provan)
Garth Pillsbury – Fisherman
Ron Sheridan – Policeman
John Lawrence – Dr. Scholl
F. Rufus Owens – Rufus
John Furlong – CBS commentator
Paul Fox – Tire thief
Russ Meyer – Motel manager
Stan Berkowitz – Car driver
Richard S. Brummer – Truck driver
Ann Marie – Fisherman’s wife/Pink bikini woman

Review bv Sven Soetemans

`SUPER’ is the only word to use here!,

Russ Meyer is a God who succeeds in creating his own utopist universe over and over again. This film is just brilliant, even though the entire prudish and easily offended world will never admit it. Yes, it’s a sexfilm… So what if it is? And besides, apart from that it also is a truly ingenious comedy and a cruel satire. After his more pretentious (but equally terrific) portrait `Beyond the Valley of the Dolls’, Meyer falls back on the themes and ideas that gained him his first successes.

This being the adventures and misfortunes of a young protagonist on the run. Falsely accused of murdering his girlfriend, a handsome man hitchhikes across rural America. Everywhere he goes gorgeous, voluptuous nymphs sexually harass the poor, poor guy (???). Isn’t life hell? Charles Napier is excellent as the psycho cop, while the `vixens’ are too hot to handle! Every single girl who walks through the screen here looks like a fantasy come true.

Supervixens constantly features cheerful music and the screenplay is very funny. Although I can imagine not for all tastes, I personally laughed sick when the Austrian chick starts squealing German while making love! Russ Meyer often reuses stuff that also featured in his earlier movies. Like the snakebite or even the entire climax which is a more explosive update of the `Motor Psycho’ ending. Not too original but who cares? He’s Russ Meyer so he can do anything he wants!

A fellow fan stated in his user comment that you haven’t lived until you see Supervixens, and I couldn’t have said it better.

A must!

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