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Sisters of Death

Sisters of Death – 1977
Joseph Mazzuca

Peter Arnold
Elwyn Richards

Arthur Franz
Claudia Jennings
Cheri Howell

Review by Wayne Malin


Starts off with a college initiation ceremony in a group called “The Sisters” where a girl is accidentally killed. Then the film cuts to seven years later where the remaining five sisters are called to a reunion in a house in the middle of the desert. They find out too late that the house has the dead girls father (Arthur Franz) and he is determined to punish them for his daughters death.

Only made to cash in on Claudia Jennings inexplicable popularity in the 1970s. She was a very beautiful woman but no actress. The plot is by the numbers and is boring, stupid, full of gaps in logic and seriously silly dialogue. If you’re watching this for nudity or gore–forget it. The film is rated PG–there’s no nudity (although they come close once) and there’s no gore. The killings are a little bloody but that’s about it. This is also one of those movies where the characters act like a bunch of idiots–they know they’re trapped in a house with a maniac yet the split up in separate rooms and one decides to take a shower! This was held back from release for seven years–it’s easy to see why. Dull, dreary and stupid. Avoid.

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