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Shout at the Devil

Shout at the Devil – 1976
A spectacular adventure you will always remember and a beautiful love story you will never forget.
Peter R. Hunt (as Peter Hunt)

Wilbur Smith (book)
Stanley Price (screenplay)
Alastair Reid (screenplay)
Wilbur Smith (screenplay)

Michael Klinger
Tony Klinger assistant
Robert Sterne associate

Lee Marvin – Colonel Flynn O’Flynn
Roger Moore – Sebastian Oldsmith
Barbara Parkins – Rosa O’Flynn/Oldsmith
Ian Holm – Mohammed, O’Flynn’s Mute Servant
Reinhard Kolldehoff – Herman Fleischer, German Commissioner/Military Commander of Southern Province (as Rene Kolldehoff)
Horst Janson – Kyller
Karl Michael Vogler – Von kleine
Gernot Endemann – Braun
Maurice Denham – Mr. Smythe
Jean Kent – Mrs. Smythe
Heather Wright – Cynthia Smythe
George Coulouris – El Keb
Murray Melvin – Lt. Phipps
Bernard Horsfall – Capt. Joyce
Renu Setna – Mr. Raji
Gerard Paquis – Portugese Pilot, Capt. da Silva
Peter Copley – Adm. Howe
Robert Lang – Capt. Henry
Simon Sabela –
Geoff Davidson – Mackintosh
Nicole Boshoff – Baby Maria Oldsmith (uncredited)

Review by Theo Robertson

Shout at the Devil (1976)

Not Too Impressive,
Can’t say I was too blown away by this movie. The main problem I have is with the main villain Fleischer. Being set long before 1933 he’s not the goose-stepping ” ve haff vays of making you talk pig-dog ” Nazi villain of WW2 war films but he’s the next worst thing – A fat stupid slob who tries to shoot everyone while calling them a ” Schwienhund “. This stereotypical characterisation isn’t helped by the OTT performance of Reinhard Kolldehoff.

I don’t know if it’s the fault of the BBC using an old print of the film but the editing is haphazard and all over the place like the scene on the reef which seems more like a random series of camera shots rather a scene, and you really do get the feeling (At least with the version the BBC showed tonight) that whole chunks of the film are missing. How else would Fleischer be able to describe Sebastian as ” The Englishman ” when they’ve never met? There’s no way Fleischer would know Sebastian was English.

Another thing that annoyed me was the laughably unconvincing crocodile. How bad was it? Well it looked like a man dressed up, that’s how bad it was. In fact as it approached Flynn I expected Sebastian to jump out of the crocodile costume and say ” Trick or treat? ”

One last point, why is this movie called SHOUT AT THE DEVIL?

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