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Shaft in Africa

Shaft in Africa – 1973
THE Brother Man in the Motherland.
John Guillermin

Ernest Tidyman (characters)
Stirling Silliphant (written by)

René Dupont associate producer
Roger Lewis producer

Richard Roundtree – John Shaft
Frank Finlay – Vincent Amafi
Vonetta McGee – Aleme
Neda Arneric – Jazar
Debebe Eshetu – Wassa
Spiros Focás – Marco Sassari
Jacques Herlin – Perreau
Jho Jhenkins – Ziba
Willie Jonah – Oyo
Adolfo Lastretti – Pino
Marne Maitland – Col. Gonder
Frank McRae – Oziot
Zenebech Tadesse – The Prostitute
A.V. Falana – Ramila’s Son
James E. Myers – Williams
Nadim Sawalha – Zubair
Thomas Baptiste – Kopo
Jon Chevron – Shimba
Glynn Edwards – Vanden
Cy Grant – Emir Ramila
Jacques Marin – Insp. Cusset
Nick Zaran – Sadi
Aldo Sambrell – Angelo

Review by Theo Robertson

Shaft in Africa (1973)

Yo This Momma Is One Hot Cat,
Is this a racist film? Let’s examine the evidence where the black hero dude is a funky sex machine (Notice how the soundtrack sounds exactly like porno muzak?) and where the hero says brother, cat and baby a lot as in ” Yo brother “, ” she’s a hot cat ” and ” Start talking baby or I’ll break your other arm “, and lets not forget that this movie has black and white villains with the bad guy’s moll having a fetish for black men. You really do get the feeling that if the Nazis had won the war we’d never get to see a film like SHAFT IN AFRICA. Fair enough it’s guilty of playing up to stereotypes but I actually like to see stereotypes now and again

The actual storyline feels more like a James Bond movie than the previous urban thrillers featuring Shaft, it’s somewhat episodic and very bloodthirsty with the hero surviving a murder attempt by a white guy then surviving a murder attempt by a black guy then surviving a murder attempt by another white guy.
As I said I did enjoy the political incorrectness and the high body count. It’s far better than any of the other SHAFT movies and I’m including the recent Samuel L Jackson version

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