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Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band -1978
Michael Schultz

Henry Edwards

Peter Frampton
Barry Gibb
Robin Gibb
George Burns

Review by Wayne Malin

I’m ashamed to admit that I saw this in a theatre in 1978…

and liked it! BUT I was only 16 and I had never heard the Beatles originals (I was a very sheltered child). I even bought the soundtrack (which WAS a big hit). Then, a few months later, I heard the original songs by the Beatles and realized what a load of crap the soundtrack was. And a few years later I saw it again at a rundown revival theatre (where it played with another bomb–Spielberg’s “1941”).

I was fascinated and disgusted at the same time. Fascinated that ANYBODY would think this would work and get name stars and acts to participate (this ruined Peter Framptons career and didn’t help the Bee Gees either), and disgusted with what they did to the Beatles songs–the worst covers were one of the Gibbs desecrating “Oh Darling” and Earth, Wind and Fire turning “Got to Get You Into My Life” into a disco song! I’d love to know if any of the Beatles saw this and what they thought. One of the few people to survive with his dignity intact is George Burns and Aerosmith did do a GREAT version of “Come Together”. The plot was too silly for words and they used the flimsiest excuses to cram in any Beatles song–for example, two characters are named Strawberry Fields and Mr. Mustard (sigh).

Worth seeing if you’re drunk–then it might actually look pretty good. Better yet, get a group of friends, everybody get drunk, pop this in and you got a real party on your hands! Heck, this might work even if everybody is sober–they’ll be laughing themselves silly! A definite must for all bad movie fans (like me). Otherwise, this is one of the worst musicals ever made–and I’ve seen “Xanadu” and “Can’t Stop the Music”! A true camp classic!

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978)

Review By Zetes

It’s funny reading these comments…,

I think this film is hilarious and classic camp. I think it is one of those so-bad-it’s-good films that many people will look at and just get ticked off. I mean, for God’s sake guys, have a freakin’ sense of humor!!! Could anything be funnier than the Computerettes? My God, no way! Or how about the hilarious cameos of those such as George Burns, Steve Martin (because of this number, “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” has always been one of my very favorite Beatles songs), and Alice Cooper. My favorite scene has to be where the weather vein comes to life, dances around singing “Get Back,” and brings Strawberry Fields back to life. You’re right if you say this film was a disaster, but it’s one that turns out to be not only watchable, but great, although not exactly in the way they meant it to be great.

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