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Sextette -1978
Ken Hughes

Mae West – Play
Herbert Baker – Screenplay

Mae West
Timothy Dalton
Dom DeLuise
Tony Curtis
Ringo Starr
George Hamilton
Alice Cooper
Keith Allison
Rona Barrett
Van McCoy
Keith Moon
Regis Philbin
Walter Pigeon
George Raft
Gil Stratton.

Review by Noel Baily

Mae West does PLAN NINE!

In many ways, SEXTETTE is like PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE – totally beyond rating under any conventional system. More bizarre than anything else, you gotta admire the guts of the lady. To act out the personna of a youthful blonde-bombshell when you’re 85 years old, MAY be obscene and for anyone except Mae West it would be, but that is what she always stood for and if she wanted to make this film just 20 months before her death. then I say THAT is a benchmark no other woman will ever manage.

Gruesome as she may have appeared…she DIDN’T look 85 – think about it!That is awesomely old. Not too many gals of that antiquity are even standing unaided, let alone spewing out one-liners to men one third of their age. To me, SEXTETTE will be remembered for the biggest shock in film history….seeing stiff and starchy Timothy Dalton break into song with his rendition of “Love Will Keep us Together.” I often wonder whether he ever attempted to buy up every known copy of SEXTETTE to destroy the evidence? How much did they PAY him to do that?

An orgy of bad taste? A celebration of Mae West the eternal siren? It really doesn’t matter now does it? I have a suspicion that like Ed Wood, she really enjoyed herself that year. God bless her!
WHATEVER your views on this movie, there can never be another like it!

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