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Scrooge – 1970
Ronald Neame

Charles Dickens (story)
Leslie Bricusse (screenplay)

Albert Finney
Alec Guinness
Edith Evans

Review by John Rouse Merriott Chard

Hating people and liking life
Scrooge 1970 is a musical reworking of the much told classic story, A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens. It’s directed by Ronald Neame with a screenplay and songs by Leslie Bricusse. It stars Albert Finney (Scrooge), Alec Guinness, Edith Evans, Kenneth More, Michael Medwin, Laurence Naismith, David Collings & Richard Beaumont.

The Christmas brother of Oliver! (1968), Scrooge is an enjoyable Christmas film that is only let down by the distinctly average music courtesy of Bricusse. Bricusse was better known for his partnership with Anthony Newley, but here, left to his own devices, the score is flat and not even the ebullience of Finney, Guinness and co can make some of the numbers work. Still, the story is solid gold enjoyable and the choreography, period detail and Neame’s adroit pacing, more than make this something of an essential watch for seasonal seekers and musical lovers. 7/10

Review by Wayne Malin

Very colourful–perfect for kids

Musical retelling of “A Christmas Carol”. The film looks fantastic and Albert Finney is great as Scrooge. The kids should love it, but there are some scary scenes that may frighten very young kids, so use caution. Adults will probably be a little bored. For one thing, Alec Guinness is in it as a ghost and looks absolutely miserable. You can tell he hates being in this movie and it gets depressing to watch him. Also, the story is VERY familar, the music is completely forgettable along with dreadful lyrics (but I did like “Thank You Very Much”) and the ending goes on forever.

What kept me watching was Finney’s performance and the film looks absolutely beautiful–rich colour with beautiful scenery and costumes. So, worth seeing, but be prepared to sit through some really dreadful songs.

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