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Satan’s Slave

Satan’s Slave – 1976
Norman J. Warren

David McGillivray

Richard Crafter producer
Les Young producer
Moira Young associate producer

Michael Gough – Uncle Alexander Yorke
Martin Potter – Stephen Yorke
Candace Glendenning – Catherine Yorke
Barbara Kellerman – Frances (as Barbara Kellermann)
Michael Craze – John
Gloria Maley – Janice (as Gloria Walker)
James Bree – Malcolm Yorke
Celia Hewitt – Elizabeth Yorke
David McGillivray – Priest
Richard Crafter – Mad Monk 2 (uncredited)
Nick Maley – Mad Monk 1 (uncredited)
Monika Ringwald – Tortured Girl (uncredited)
Moira Young – Mad Monk 3 (uncredited)
Review by Theo Robertson

Satan’s Slave (1976)
Seems I’m not the only person who stays up late watching horror movies judging by the comments on this page . It is very reassuring to know that I’m not alone in doing this and it’s not surprise at all that I’m not alone in thinking SATAN’S SLAVE is a really crap horror movie

After the not unimpressive credit sequence we’re shown a human sacrifice where the satanic worshippers wear animal heads which instantly reminded me of a Goldfrapp music video and there’s another problem : Since the actor playing the satanic priest carrying out the sacrifice is fairly well known and has a distinctive voice you’ll know instantly when his character appears sans goat head who he is and what he’s up to therefore there’s no real surprises where the story is going and where he fits into it . The story itself is one of those boring tales of a disturbed young woman going to live in a country mansion where things aren’t what they seem . Now where have I seen that plot before ?

Everyone else has noticed a problem in the directing and it’s very difficult not to notice how bad it is . Much of the camera work seems to have been carried out by a bunch of not very talented film students straight out of film school . To give you an idea how bad the directing is there’s a lot of T&A which makes absolutely no impression which is always a very bad sign . The cast aren’t up to much either with one male character more camp than a row of pink tents . Again another bad sign for a horror movie.

Talking of the cast leads me to Michael Gough . Can there be any British character actor alive today with a more inconsistent resume ? He’s appeared in some of the most highly regarded British television productions of the last 40 years but has also appeared in some really bad movies : KONGA , THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE and TROG . Add SATAN’S SLAVE to the list

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