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Nothing but the Night

Nothing but the Night – 1972
Peter Sasdy

Brian Hayles (screenplay)
John Blackburn (novel)

Christopher Lee
Peter Cushing
Diana Dors

Review by Wayne Malin

Great title…,

…but a lousy film. As Maltin says this was Christopher Lee’s attempt to make a serious horror film. Well, it is serious…TOO serious! The plot is silly and slow (something about old people inhabiting the bodies of young children to achieve immortality)…the film is all talk talk talk talk talk talk talk about the same things over and over again. I actually dozed off a few times!

The film is sooooo dull! The cast sleepwalks through this with the sole exceptions of Peter Cushing and Lee…but this was probably a labor of love for both (they often complained about horror movies being too violent…well, this has NO violence!).

Avoid at all costs…unless you have insomnia…this will put you to sleep!

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