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Not Now, Comrade

Not Now, Comrade – 1976
Ray Cooney
Harold Snoad

Ray Cooney – Mr. Laver
Windsor Davies – Constable Pulford
Michele Dotrice – Nancy Rimmington
Roy Dotrice
Don Estelle – Bobby Hargreaves
Lewis Fiander – Rudi Petrovyan
Carol Hawkins – Barbara Wilcox
Roy Kinnear – Hoskins
Ian Lavender – Gerry Buss
Richard Marner – Russian
Leslie Phillips – Commander Rimmington
Michael Sharvell-Martin – Russian
June Whitfield – Janet Rimmington

Review by Theo Robertson

Not Now, Comrade (1976)

Budget ? What Budget ?,
This has got to be one of the lowest budget films ever produced in Britain, and considering it’s a British film that is indeed saying a lot. In fact it’s somewhat insulting to consider NOT NOW COMRADE a ” film ” since as someone mentioned it’s a stage play. It’s like someone has gone into the local theatre with a film camera and started filming. The interiors resemble those you’d see in a theatre and you can clearly hear the CLUMP CLUMP CLUMP as the actors run around the wooden floors like you would in an auditorium.

I guess some people might be pretentious pseudo-intellectuals and say the film has a self referential Marxist theme because of the title and therefore that’s why there’s been no money spent but I’d say correctly that even in 1976 it would have been an outdated British B movie with limited appeal hence no one would want to invest money into it

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