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Night Train Murders

Night Train Murders
Ultimo treno della notte, L’ – 1975
Most movies last less than two hours! This is one of everlasting torment!
Aldo Lado

Roberto Infascelli story
Renato Izzo
Aldo Lado
Ettore Sanzò story

Flavio Bucci – Blackie
Macha Méril – Lady passenger
Gianfranco De Grassi – Curly
Enrico Maria Salerno – Professor Giulio Stradi
Marina Berti – Laura Stradi
Franco Fabrizi – Perverted train passenger
Irene Miracle – Margaret Hoffenbach
Laura D’Angelo – Lisa Stradi
Kay Beal
Francesco D’Adda – Ticket controller
Richard Davis
Giovanni Di Benedetto – Stradi’s honorable guest (as Gianni De Benedetto)
Dalila Di Lazzaro – Stradi’s guest
Daniele Dublino – Stradi’s guest
Patty Edwards
Norma Knight
Delbert Moss
Anna Taddei

Review by Sven Soetemans

Well intended, but painfully bad “revenge”-rip off…
Well, I was planning to provide this review with the title “Last Train on the Left” but that seems to be a pretty obvious choice. Night train Murders tries to pick in on the success of Wes Craven’s milestone as close as possible. They even managed to find a main villain resembling David Hess, who played the merciless bastard in Craven’s film. The film means well and all but, it just lacks the budget, talent and inspiration to become of any importance. The entire first hour (in which two girls travel to Italy by train, in order to celebrate the Holiday season) completely lacks suspenseles or depth and it seems to be endless.

Eventually, the girls are being humiliated and tortured by two madmen and a nympho-bitch. From then on, everything goes rather quickly and, before you know it, the father of one of the girls already avenged the death of his daughter. Totally “Last House on the Left” in other words…only less fascinating and only half as disturbing.

Although it looks like a sleazy Italian production, the film hasn’t got much violence or bloodshed in it. One scene is pretty disgusting to watch and you’ll recognize which one I mean immediately. Besides that, it’s nothing more but a waste of a terrific musical score by Ennio Morricone. Avoid! Unless your a fan of rare cult stuff of course

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