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Never Too Young to Rock

Never Too Young to Rock – 1975
Dennis Abey

Dennis Abey
Ron Inkpen

Ron Inkpen producer
Laurence Myers executive producer
Greg Smith producer

Peter Denyer – Hero
Freddie Jones – Mr. Rockbottom
Sheila Steafel – Cafe Proprietress
Joe Lyneh – Russian Soldier
John Clive – Bandsman
Peter Noone – Army Captain
Scott Fitzgerald
Sally James

Review by Tanktop

Never to young too rock, a film that just about deserves it’s place on dvd purely for the 70s music. Peter Denyer of Please Sir and Dear John fame, stars alongside Freddie Jones auditioning new rock bands to boost ratings for a British tv station. Now getting them to perform on stage at the same time is the best bit of this film of which the storyline is pretty poor. Look out for Mud, Rubettes and the Glitter band performing their hits and a conga type finale with all the groups joining in. Other actors who have cameos include Sally James[Tiswas] and Peter Noone[Hermans Hermits] the film came out in 1975 and if you like those seventies groups you won’t be disappointed, even Muds drummer goes head to head to head with the drummer of the Rubettes, not exactly Cozy Powell.but good fun.

My overall rating for this film 6/10 and 8/10 for the music.

Review by Carol Sandford

Remember the music,
Purely for the music alone, this earned a 10 from me. Being a massive Glam Rock fan in the 70’s, it’s a joy to watch. Of course, now with the deaths of Les Gray from Mud, and my own personal hero, Gerry Shephard from the Glitter Band, this film means much, much more to me now than it did way back then. I hope some mad person out there puts it on to DVD for the likes of us that never want to forget those fabulous times. As for the movie itself, I find pressing the fast-forward button through the most god-awful script helps it along. It is unbearably naff and so badly acted that is totally unwatchable.

Still, just remember the music. Remember the music.

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