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Mountain of the Cannibal God

Mountain of the Cannibal God – 1978
Montagna del dio cannibale, La – 1978
Their cult was death … Their lust was for blood!
Sergio Martino

Cesare Frugoni screenplay
Cesare Frugoni story
Sergio Martino screenplay
Sergio Martino story

Luciano Martino producer

Ursula Andress – Susan Stevenson
Stacy Keach – Professor Edward Foster
Claudio Cassinelli – Arthur Stevenson
Franco Fantasia – Father Moses
Lanfranco Spinola – Consul Burns
Carlo Longhi – Phil, the pilot
Luigina Rocchi – Sura
Akushia Sellajaah
Dudley Wanaguru
T.M. Munna
M. Suki
Franco Coduti – (as Gianfranco Coduti)
Claudio Morabito
Antonio Marsina – Manolo (as Tony Marsina)

Review by Sven Soetemans

National Geographic Channel meets Italian Sleaze,

Sergio Martino’s ‘Mountain etc’ is somewhat an outcast in the notorious Italian field of cannibalism… This film has a bit more style, depth and – compared to such films as ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ or ‘Cannibal Ferox’ – you don’t necessarily feel the need to take a shower after seeing it. It’s actually better to compare this film with old-fashioned adventure-movies, actually…but with cannibals and a healthy dose of authentic Italian sleaze. Ursula Andress (still the finest, most ravishing Bond girl to date) stars as a strong woman who goes on an expedition, deep down the Guinean jungle, to search her missing husband. Her brother and another respected anthropologist (Stacy Keach) accompany her to ‘Ra Ra Mu’ … Roughly translated: the mountain of the Cannibal God, where a savage tribe still feasts on human flesh.

The first hour of the film is slow, atmospheric and surprisingly educational! Several sequences, portraying animal’s hunting rituals, seem to come right out of a National Geographic broadcast and you’re actually waiting for the voice-over to inform you more. The original, uncut release of Mountain of the Cannibal God contains a good share of violence and nudity, but it never becomes repulsive or nauseating. To be entirely honest: the ‘horrible’ cannibal tribe actually is rather lame. So, the fact they’re only appear in the movie after the first hour is a good thing! Until then, you’ve got compelling adventure and Andress’s ravishing body to keep you entertained.

Highly recommended viewing

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