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International Velvet

International Velvet – 1978
Bryan Forbes

Enid Bagnold (novel National Velvet)
Bryan Forbes

Bryan Forbes producer
John L. Hargreaves associate producer

Tatum O’Neal – Sarah Brown
Christopher Plummer – John Seaton
Anthony Hopkins – Captain Johnson
Nanette Newman – Velvet Brown
Peter Barkworth – Pilot
Dinsdale Landen – Mr. Curtis
Sarah Bullen – Beth
Jeffrey Byron – Scott Saunders
Richard Warwick – Tim
Daniel Abineri – Wilson
Jason White – Roger
Martin Neil – Mike
Douglas Reith – Howard
Dennis Blanch – Policeman
Norman Wooland – Team doctor
Susan Jameson – T.V. Interviewer
Brenda Cowling – Alice
James Smilie – Commentator
David Tate – Commentator
Ronald Chenery – Air Crew Assistant
Geoffrey Drew – Co-Pilot
Stephanie Cole – Teacher
Margaret John – Headmistress
David Wilkinson – Young Wilson
Emma Forbes – Schoolgirl
Paul Rosebury – Charlie
Chris Quinten – Lee
John May – Bernie
Marsha Fitzalan – British Rider
Susan Hamblett – Claire
Russell Lodge – Philip
Pam Rose – Stewardess
George Hillsden – Attendant
Trevor Thomas – Black Athlete
Jack Dearlove – Official
Jean Lockhart – Judge
Ernest Hare – Presentation Official
Kenneth Benda – Presentation Official
Bryan Forbes – Awards Presenter (uncredited)

Review by Theo Robertson

International Velvet (1978)

I noticed that the IMDB classes INTERNATIONAL VELVET as an American movie , this despite the fact it`s filmed in Britain , has a British director and an almost entirely British cast . Mind you it is funded with American money and produced by an American studio so by definition it is technically an American movie.
I guess that`s why INTERNATIONAL VELVET has such a typically American ethnocentric view of the English.

Another reviewer had stated that everyone talks in ridiculous and posh accents etc and I totally agree , it`s laughable the way the Brits are portrayed in this movie though perhaps not as laughable as Tatum O`Neal`s ” English ” accent which is every bit as bad as Al Pacino`s ” Scottish ” accent in REVOLUTION . I guess if the heroine was played by a genuine English actress an American audience wouldn`t be able to relate to her.

INTERNATIONAL VELVET is a rather drab movie that`s best viewed on a boring Sunday afternoon which was when I saw it. I will give the movie credit for the scene where the German rider falls off his horse because for some unexplained reason I found this rather amusing in a movie devoid of amusement

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