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Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks

Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks – 1976
Ilsa’s back! …More fierce than ever! With brutal fury she enslaved an empire and shocked the world!

Don Edmonds

Langston Stafford

Don Edmonds producer (as William J. Brady)

Dyanne Thorne – Ilsa
Max Thayer – Comander Adam, US Navy (as Michael Thayer)
Jerry Delony – El Sharif (as Victor Alexander)
Uschi Digard РInga Lindstr̦m (as Elke Von)
Sharon Kelly – Nora Edward
Haji – Alina Cordova (as Haji Cat)
Tanya Boyd – Satin
Marilyn Joi – Velvet
Su Ling – Katsina
Richard Kennedy – Kaiser (as Wolfgang Roehm)
George ‘Buck’ Flower – Beggar
Dea Martensen –
Ivan Roars –
S. Stearns –
Bobby Woods – Prince Salim
Joyce Mandel – Harem girl
Howard Maurer – Shiek At Auction

Review by Sven Soetemans

The blouse-bursting bitch returns!!,

Dianne Thorne returns as the (not so) desirable Ilsa, this time making the wealthy Arabian world to her playground. Ilsa is in control of Sheik El Sharif’s harem and she arranges the kidnappings of new sex-slaves.

The most remarkable difference with the previous `She Wolf of the SS’ is the more lightheaded character of this film and the constant presence of humor. Of course, the subject matter is a little less sensitive (Nazi’s aren’t that funny, you know) and the makers indented to reach a larger audience this time. This resulted in less cruelty, less nudity and a lot less perversion. Yet, this film is still warmly recommended to cult fans and admirers of occult cinema!

There are a few slick and ingenious aspects to discover, like the introduction of Ilsa’s assistants! Satin and Velvet look like identical twins performing lesbian action, while their uniforms simply exist out of pink thongs! No shocking and nauseating images this time, but a goofy black comedy with a couple of bloody highlights.up to you whether it’s an improvement or not.

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