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I Escaped from Devil’s Island

I Escaped from Devil’s Island – 1973
He’s the devil the island’s named for.

William Witney

Richard L. Adams

Jack Bohrer co-producer
Gene Corman producer
Roger Corman producer
Miguel Zacarías co-producer

Christopher George – Devert (as Chris George)
Richard Ely – Jo-Jo (as Rick Ely)
James Luisi – Dazzas
Richard Rust – Sgt. Zamorra
Paul Richards – Maj. Marteau
Bob Harris – The Barber
Robert Phillips – Blassier
Jan Merlin – Rosenquist
Gabriella Rios – Indian girl
Stephen Whittaker – Leper Count
Peter Cornberg –
Enrique Lucero – Esteban
Ana De Sade – Bedalia
Jonathan Dodge – Lieutenant
Quintín Bulnes – Sgt. Grizzoni
Gastón Melo – Police captain
Aurora Núñez – Whore
Aubert Knight – The Dealer
Eduardo Rosas López – Sergeant
Max Kerlow –
Sergio Martinez –
Jim Brown – Le Bras
Bob Harrins – The Barber

Review by Theo Robertson

I Escaped From Devil’s Island (1973)
Is This A Video Nasty ?,

I saw this way back in 1983 when it was shown late one night on television, and I’m talking network television in those days you didn’t have satellite or cable at least not in Britain where we were confined to a total of 4 channels. And the most shocking thing was that it contained very strong language , back then very very few films shown on television had swearing left intact but here it was untouched which was amazing when nearly every sentence contains the word ” F*** ” though much of the gore and gay sex seems to have been edited ( And badly edited at that ) for transmission especially a shark attack scene where it cuts to a shark fin then cuts to a man waving his bloody stump at the camera then cuts to a couple of fingers floating about the water , very strange and I ESCAPED FROM DEVILS ISLAND also has that low budget production value feel seen so often in video nasties that I can’t help feel that it in unedited form it would be classed as a video nasty .

Despite its flaws it’s a lot of fun, I can put my hand on heart and say I enjoyed it far more than PAPILLION and we get to see a sadistic guard who calls homosexuals bad names while twisting their nipples.

Can’t get more sadistic than that

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