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Futureworld -1976
Where you can’t tell the robots from the machines – even when you look in the mirror!
Richard T Heffron

George Schenk
Mayo Simon

Peter Fonda
Blythe Danner
Arthur Hill
Yul Brynner
John P Ryan
Stuart Margolin
Allen Ludden
Robert Cornthwaite
Angela Greene
Darrell Larson
Nancy Bell
Bert Conroy
Dorothy Conrad
John Fujioka
Dana Lee

Review by Noel Baily

Sure, a tribute to the 70’s fashion disaster but still a worthy little thought-provoker in its own right!
These guys at least TRIED something different and didn’t simply re-run the original with a few new characters. OK Peter Fonda was never in his dad’s image…he never TRIED to be! Henry was an un surpassable one off..and by all accounts was a far better actor than he was a father! Peter gave us Bridget so hell that’s a pretty fair contribution.

How many of you realise that Blythe Danner is Gwyneth Paltrow’s mum?…..which accounts for the latter’s total lack of charisma too! I actually LIKED Blythe in this…she was a bit of a go-getter, no damsel in distress, “help me I’m feeble” wimp…. she could dish it out!

Yeah, the low-spot WAS the gratuitous Yul Brynner cameo – it didn’t make me throw-up like some of you…it was simply unneccessary! Fonda’s reporter with attitude was all that he HAD to do, he wasn’t trying to be Jet Li on a mission.

The ending? well guys and dolls, I must be the only humanoid who actually liked it – I make no apologies.

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