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Eyes of Laura Mars

Eyes of Laura Mars – 1978
Irvin Kershner

John Carpenter
David Zelag Goodman

Faye Dunaway
Tommy Lee Jones
Brad Dourif

Unusual and interesting,

Laura Mars (Faye Dunaway) is a photographer who pictures are full of violence and female nudity–and very controversial and popular. All of the sudden her friends are being stabbed to death–in the eyes. However she (literally) sees her friends being killed through the killers eyes–but doesn’t know who it is or why it’s happening…

I never saw the movie when it came out–it was R rated and I was too young to get in. However I read a VERY good novelization of the book and never forgot it. Also, surprisingly, Barbra Streisand sang the song “Prisoner” over the opening and closing credits probably thinking it would be a hit–it wasn’t. She probably did it because then boyfriend Jon Peters was one of the producers of this film. In a nice touch a piano player plays the song in the background at a party.

Finally seeing the film now it’s not bad. I knew who the killer was and why (the book has never left me) so there was no surprise. I was able to sit back and see if it worked–and it did. I thought the killings might be gory but they are actually very tame–you never really see (sorry) anything. And having Dunaway see it also is very interesting. In one very effective sequence the killer is chasing Dunaway and she sees herself being chased by him! I liked it but it’s a bit depressing–basically EVERYONE Dunaway knew is killed by the end! Also she has an incredible apartment (love the mirrors in the bedroom) and the picture of the book on her is great–and was also used as the movie poster. And John Carpenter wrote the story! Dunaway is just great in a difficult role; Raul Julia is good in a small role and so is Rene Auberjonois. Unfortunately Tommy Lee Jones is terrible (as always) as a policeman trying to solve the case.

All in all a pretty good thriller worth catching.

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