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Equinox – 1970
Jack Woods

Mark Thomas McGee (story)
Jack Woods

Edward Connell
Barbara Hewitt
Frank Bonner
Robin Christopher

Review by Wayne Malin

Not very good but not without merit,

David gets a call from a friend named Dr. Waterman to visit him at his remote cabin in the woods. Tagging along is David’s friend Jim, his girlfriend Vicki and Susan. They arrive at the cabin but find it destroyed with no sign of Dr. Waterman. Then there’s the strange park ranger, the castle in the distance and a creepy laughing from a dark cave…

This started off as a student film. It was bought seven years later, some more scenes were shot (you can noticeably see the actors are older) and is was released. It turns out to be a mish mash of potentially interesting ideas that get totally lost. The plot brings up a lot of incidents that are never explained–who was that old man in the cave? Why did he have the book? What was it with that castle? What IS in that other dimension? Add to this some terrible dialogue and uncomfortable acting and you have a very uneven and frustrating film. What helps are some very cool stop motion animation monsters and a short running time (80 minutes). A lot of people who love this seem to have caught it as kids at the movies (it’s rated PG). However if you’re an adult you’ll probably be bored and puzzled. I give it a 6–and that’s mostly for the monsters.

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