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Emanuelle – The Last Cannibals

Emanuelle – The Last Cannibals (1977)
Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali
That Emanuelle girl is back more EROTIC & EXOTIC than ever

Joe D’Amato

Joe D’Amato screenplay (as Aristide Massaccesi)
Romano Scandariato screenplay

Gianfranco Couyoumdjian producer

Laura Gemser – Emanuelle
Gabriele Tinti – Professor Mark Lester
Nieves Navarro – Maggie McKenzie (as Susan Scott)
Donald O’Brien – Donald McKenzie
Percy Hogan – Salvadore
Mónica Zanchi – Isabelle Wilkes
Annamaria Clementi – Sister Angela
Geoffrey Copleston – Wilkes
Tapu Ruguru
Dirce Funari
Pierluigi Cervetti – (as Pierluigi Cervetti Valle)
Bona Bono
Maria Gabriella Mezzett
Massimo Ciprari
Giuseppe Auci
Al Yamanouchi – Guide

Review by Sven Soetemans

A pure taste of the rancid 70’s exploitation!
(black) Emanuelle – spelled with only one `m’ to avoid legal difficulties – is the more lurid and sleazier version of the typical 70’s soft-porn star. Director Joe D’Amato can easily be considered as the most broad-minded businessman in cinema ever! He shamelessly mixes explicit sex-sequences with nasty and brutal violence. There’s no doubt that his methods work just fine and a lot of his films belong to the legendary `video-nasties’, the list of widely banned horror films. Joe made 7 (I think) films in the Black Emanuelle-series, all starring the wondrously hot Laura Gemser. `The last Cannibals’ is by far her most scandalous film and easily the most memorable, exciting adventure Emanuelle has even been through. She’s a journalist and whilst doing an undercover-job in an asylum, she’s on the lead to a tribe of monstrous cannibals in the Amazone area. Along with a famous anthropologist and a few other meaningless characters, she goes on an excursion to discover this tribe and provide herself with a scoop.

The structure of this film is adorably simple: sex, gore, more sex, more gores…the end! Emanuelle, her gorgeous body and the entire crew turn the jungle into an orgy setting! While a smoking monkey is watching them, I kid you not!! Nevertheless, it also is a filthy horror tale, introducing some of the most relentless cannibals ever. In raw and explicit ways you can’t imagine, people are getting sliced up…disposed of their reproductive organs and…eaten! The brutal butchering and bloodshed causes queasiness at times…luckily Gemser’s torrid naked body is always there to ease the pain.

I would recommend this film, but don’t come complaining afterwards when you’re puking your guts out.

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