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Blue Collar

Blue Collar – 1978
Whatever became of the “American Dream”?

Paul Schrader

Sydney A. Glass
Leonard Schrader
Paul Schrader

Robin French
Don Guest
David Nichols

Richard Pryor – Zeke Brown
Harvey Keitel – Jerry Bartowski
Yaphet Kotto – Smokey James
Ed Begley Jr. – Bobby Joe
Harry Bellaver – Eddie Johnson Union President AAW Local 291
George Memmoli – Jenkins
Lucy Saroyan – Arlene Bartowski
Lane Smith – Clarence Hill, Union Steward
Cliff De Young – John Burrows
Borah Silver – Dogshit Miller, Foreman
Chip Fields – Caroline Brown

Review by Jack Gattanella

Blue Collar (1978)
Entertaining drama, one of the best of the 70’s dramas,

Blue Collar is a breakthrough for writer Paul Schrader as a director, but also for comedian/actor Richard Pryor. Before this, he was known for his stand-up, co-writing for Blazing Saddles and once in a while comic acting role, but here he shows his true colors of being an exceptional actor of talent. Here, he plays one of 3 auto workers (including great performances by Harvey Keitel and Yaphey Kotto) who are tired of getting ripped off by there company and (surprisingly) there union. So, they fight back, with some bad results. The plot is unfolding, which helps, but it is overall the performances by the 3 leads that give this seventies film it’s gigantic kick (and what a kick). Most likely filmaker Michael Moore’s favorite film ever made, but for other people it is entertaining drama nevertheless. A+

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