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Blood Thirst

Blood Thirst (1971)
Sheesh–what a yawner,
Newt Arnold

N.I.P. Dennis (story)

Cast Robert Winston, Katherine Henryk, Yvonne Nielson

Review by Wayne Malin

Dull dull dull.

A bunch of women in the Phillipines have been found drained of blood completely. An American detective named Adam Rourke (Robert Winston) comes to investigate.

I’m not sure of the plot cause I kept falling asleep! Something about some blonde woman making sacrifices to the sun god to stay immortally young….or something.

They also have this “monster” (a guy in hilarious makeup with gives him a lumpy face) helping drain the girls of blood.

This is being passed off as a horror film–don’t let that fool you. It’s basically a boring PG rated detective story with some horrific elements. There’s next to no blood and no gore at all. Also most of the actors are (badly) dubbed–their voices don’t even remotely match their features!

I’m giving this a 3 for two reasons: 1) Robert Winston–he sure can’t act but he’s pretty nice-looking and has a lengthy shirtless sequence showing a nice body and 2) there is some beautiful black & white cinematography–MUCH better than this film deserves.

But it’s basically a dull, stupid, forgettable movie. A sure cure for insomnia!

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