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Blood Mania

Blood Mania – 1970
Robert Vincent O’Neill

Peter Carpenter
Tony Crechales

Peter Carpenter
Maria De Aragon
Vicki Peters

Review by Wayne Malin

Just incredible,

Young, unstable beautiful Victoria (Maria de Aragon) falls in love with young, hunky doctor Craig (Peter Carpenter) who’s caring for her rich, sick father. She plans to inherit all his money when he dies. Then Dr. Craig is being blackmailed and needs a lot of money FAST! And Victoria’s father is near death. Did I mention Victoria was unstable?

Sleazy piece of garbage. The script is silly to put it mildly with a REAL stupid ending; terrible direction in which characters speaking aren’t even in the frame–one whole conversation is only shot from the waist down!; annoying, horrid 70s music which doesn’t even remotely fit the on screen antics and just unbelievably bad acting by EVERYBODY! It’s truly astonishing to see how badly EVERY scene is acted–you just stare at the TV screen in disbelief. The movie is chock full of unpleasant characters, plenty of gratuitous female nudity and cheap sex–including a hysterically bad sequence between de Aragon and Carpenter.

As for the actors themselves–they were all hired for their looks and bodies–not acting ability. Virtually every female member of the cast has multiple nude scenes and even Carpenter bares his butt briefly once or twice.

The DVD of this makes this movie look better than it deserves. The picture and sound are crystal clear and the colors are strong and vibrant. This could be used in film school–an example of how NOT to do a movie!

Also this isn’t really a horror film–just a stupid, sleazy “drama”. Bottom of the barrel–I give it a 1.

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