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Blood Legacy

Blood Legacy – 1971
aka Legacy of Blood
Carl Monson

Eric Norden (screenplay),
Carl Monson (story)

Rodolfo Acosta
Merry Anders
Norman Bartold
John Carradine

Review by Wayne Malin

I saw it titled “Legacy of Blood”–it’s still terrible,

Ridiculous horror film about a wealthy man (John Carradine) dying and leaving everything to his four children, and his servants to be divided up equally. One condition–they must spend one week in his estate to get the money. And if any of them die, the others get more. Guess what happens next….

I saw a brand new print of this film on cable. The colors were bright and vivid and the house itself looks beautiful. That’s about all the good things I can say about it.

Let’s list just some of the problems this film has: the killer is screamingly obvious; the servants are called Igor and Elga–come on!; some of the sound recording was so bad I couldn’t make out the dialogue (no great loss I’m sure); the gore was sparse and very poorly done; the other murders were simply boring, stupid or impossible and this movie contains some truly abominable acting–so bad you just stare at the screen in disbelief. Even pro Jeff Morrow was terrible! The only fairly good acting was from trouper Faith Domergue (who deserved better than this) and John Carradine (who looks painfully old and frail here). I do have to admit though–the closing line in this movie is a gem!

Why this was renamed “Legacy of Blood” is beyond me–there’s another 1978 horror film with that name!

Whatever its name is, it’s a bad movie. To be avoided at all costs.

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