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Autopsy (1975)
Macchie solari
It’ll take you… apart!

Armando Crispino
Lucio Battistrada
Armando Crispino
Leo Pescarolo
Mimsy Farmer – Simona Sana
Barry Primus – Father Paul Lenox
Ray Lovelock – Edgar
Carlo Cattaneo – Lello Sana
Angela Goodwin – Daniela
Gaby Wagner – Betty Lenox
Massimo Serato – Gianni Sana
Ernesto Colli – Ivo
Leonardo Severini – Janitor
Eleonora Morana – Eleonora
Antonio Casale – Inspector Silvestri
Giovanni Di Benedetto – Head Coroner
Maria Pia Attanasio – Aunt Elvira
Pier Giovanni Anchisi
Pupino Samona
Sergio Sinceri
Cindy Girling

Review by Sven Soetemans
Bizarre, unusual Giallo. A real treat for the developed Italian horror admirers,

Armando Crispino’s `Autopsy’ is an authentic Giallo‚Ķbut slightly more complex and diverse than your ordinary experiences in this field of horror. The constant mix of mystery, suicides and twisted characters makes this seventies film one of the most ambitious Italian flicks of the early 70’s. Closely living up to Dario Argento’s seventies films when it comes to originality and suspense, but a lot more modest when it comes to violent images.

Autopsy contains a downright brilliant opening and the first 5 minutes (showing a series of repulsive suicides in the city of Rome) already were enough for me to consider this seventies film a success. The story loses much of its initial grip, of course, but there still is a lot of imaginativeness to discover throughout the whole film.

Compared to many other Gialli, Autopsy features a believable, solid plot and it sticks to it without the overuse of unnecessary plot-twists. The score (by Ennio Morricone) gives you cold shivers and the main characters are creatively presented. How about a depressed pathologist who has visions about the living dead copulating? Or a racecar-driver turned priest and out for vengeance?

Autopsy is a lot more suspenseful than it is gory, even though the DVD-cover leads you to believe otherwise. Tension-highlights include a compelling sequence inside the `Death Museum’ and an atmospheric experiment upon an entirely paralyzed victim. Add a bit of stylish nudity to all this and you’ve got yourself an undiscovered and ignored cult-gem.

It may not satisfy horror-rookies on a quest to see tons of blood, but it’ll sure please the more experienced horror fans. If you’re searching for a top-macabre and unsettling horror film, this is the one.

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