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And Now the Screaming Starts

And Now the Screaming Starts! – 1973
The dead hand that crawls KILLS and LIVES!!!

Roy Ward Baker
David Case novel Fengriffen
Roger Marshall
Gustave M. Berne
Max Rosenberg
Milton Subotsky
Peter Cushing – Dr. Pope
Herbert Lom – Henry Fengriffen
Patrick Magee – Dr. Whittle
Stephanie Beacham – Catherine Fengriffen
Ian Ogilvy – Charles Fengriffen
Geoffrey Whitehead – Silas
Guy Rolfe – Maitland
Rosalie Crutchley – Mrs. Luke
Gillian Lind – Aunt Edith
Sally Harrison – Sarah
Janet Key – Bridget

Review by Theo Robertson

And Now the Screaming Starts! (1973)
I Didn`t Scream But Boy Did I Yawn

A pair of newly weds move into the family mansion in the late 18th century but unfortunately new bride Catherine keeps seeing ghostly apparitions and the bad news for her husband is that it usually happens just before she consummates the marriage. This is why sex before marriage is essential nowadays chaps you don’t want a frigid wife screaming before bedtime, during bedtime of course is a different matter. Mind you Catherine does have a cracking pair of lungs so obviously she’s exercised them a lot.
But apart from Catherine’s lungs there’s not much in this film that held my interest apart from a few unintentional errors like the obvious stunt man falling down the stairs or the woodcutter who’s the spitting image of Rod Hull. I should also point out that Peter Cushing doesn’t appear until well into the second half

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