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Airport ’77

Airport ’77 (1977)
Best of the “Airport” sequels
Jerry Jameson

H.A.L. Craig story
Arthur Hailey novel “Airport” (uncredited)
Charles Kuenstle story
Michael Scheff writer
David Spector writer

William Frye producer
Jennings Lang executive producer

Jack Lemmon, Lee Grant,Joseph Cotten, James Stewart, Brenda Vaccaro, Olivia de Havilland

Rich Philip Stevens (Jimmy Stewart) has his new luxury 747 hijacked in mid air with an all star cast. It goes into the Bermuda Triangle (for no real reason), has an accident, hits the water and sinks. Somehow this plane can withstand tons of water pressure–but no one knows where they are and how will they get out?

The best “Airport” sequel but that’s faint praise. All the stock characters and situations are trotted out: Jack Lemmon is the pilot; Brenda Vaccaro his loving girlfriend; Christopher Lee is a kind businessman; Lee Grant his unfaithful wife; Robert Foxworth is a hijacker; Kathleen Quinlan is a love interest; Robert Hooks is a bartender; Olivia de Havilland is a rich old woman romanced by old flame Jospeh Cotten; Darren McGavin is the engineer (I think) and Chris Lemmon (Jacks son) pops up early on. Also, in an amusing bit, George Kennedy shows up playing the same character he did from the first “Airport” movie.

Everything is totally predictable but this is entertaining nonetheless. All the acting is good (especially Lemmon and McGavin) and nobody embarrasses themselves. Poor Stewart though is given nothing to do but look concerned. And out of the two black characters in the movie one dies and the other is badly injured. I’m not saying this movie is racist but I did notice it. No great work of art but an enjoyable all star disaster movie. I give it a 7.

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