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A Game for Vultures

A Game for Vultures – 1979
In every war there are those who kill… and those who make a killing!

James Fargo

Phillip Baird
Michael Hartmann novel

Hazel Adair producer
Phillip Baird executive producer

Richard Harris – David Swansey
Richard Roundtree – Gideon Marunga
Joan Collins – Nicolle
Ray Milland – Colonel Brettle
Denholm Elliott – Raglan Thistle
Sven-Bertil Taube – Larry Prescott
Ken Gampu – Sixpence
Tony Osoba – Daniel Batton
Neil Hallett – Tony Knight
Mark Singleton – Sir Benjamin Peckover
Alibe Parsons – Alice Kamore
Victor Melleney – Mallan
Jana Cilliers – Ruth Swansey
John Parsonson – Peter Swansey
Elaine Proctor – Brigid
Chris Chittell – McAllister
Graham Armitage – Harken
Patrick Mynhardt – Muller
Ndaba Mhlongo – Chowa
Ian Steadman – Du Preez
Wilson Dunster – Uffa
Peter Van Dissel – Van Ronsburg
Sam Williams – Schooteacher
Tim Heale – Nettlekin
Joe Mafela – Mtoko
Phillip Baird – Jay Goldstein
Peter Elliott – Hilton
Richard Haines – Tibbens
Charles Comyn – Nel
Johan Malherbe – McKay
Ryno Hattingh – Driver
Alan Smart – Soldier
Simon Sabela – Nyemba
Sydney Chama – Sibanda
David Phetoe – Matambo

Review by Theo Robertson

Game for Vultures (1979)

GAME FOR VULTURES is a rather confused story about a freedom fighter/ terrorist, an illegal arms dealer and an illegal shipment of helicopters to Rhodesia, but the story strands never really gel. Instead of a coherent plot we get a battle scene followed by sentenious speeches followed by a scene that doesn’t add anything to the plot. Other irritations include Richard Harris and Richard Roundtree playing Rhodesians neither of whom make any attempt at a Rhodesian accent, a freedom fighter called ” Sixpence ” and the black Scottish guy from PORRIDGE playing a murderous thug.

The version I saw on BBC 1 tonight was slightly different from a version I saw several years ago. A scene in the opening battle scene featured a Rhodesian soldier getting crushed by a runaway land rover, and an entire subplot featuring Tony Osoba`s character is missing. This is where he murders his sister at the end and he in turn is killed by his brother in law with a pitchfork

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