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Tank Top

If there is one item of clothing that makes you think of the 70s it must be the tank top.
This was a sleeveless knitted vest top jumper in various colours and seemed to be worn by just about everyone. The tank top lost all credibility when worn by Frank Spencer in “Some Mothers Do Have ‘Em”, and not forgetting the true gods of tank tops, those trendy Radio One djs like the breakfast show hosts of the 1970s Noel Edmunds and his arch enemy Tony Blackburn.

These guys would often co-host BBC TV Top of the Pops wearing tank tops made of wool. Yes, they would keep you warm at school if you wore it under the school blazer, but did we really go out in the street wearing such bright coloured wool products?

Even mums and dads would think that tank tops would be a great idea. Why? Well my mum was happy to make us our own tank tops, and call that a Christmas present. Sorry guys, but there was no street cred in homemade tank tops.

One size fits all, as the boys and girls would often wear the same sized tank top, and of course, for the teenage boys watching a cute girl push herself into a tank top with those extra bumps and lumps was very rewarding to watch.

Tank tops were not always wool, they could also be made of T-shirt material normally with a huge 1970s logo on them. All of them of course were armless. All of them of course showed good taste and blended nicely into the fashion of the 1970s. But would I wear one now? Yes, you bet I would!

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70s Fashion

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