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Starsky Cardigan

A chunky- knit, long length, woollen cardigan with belt. Normally cream and brown and only ever looked good on me and Starsky! A really cool bit of clothing, which I absolutely loved. Those of you who shout out who is Starsky? Shame on you. Paul Michal Glazer was a TV detective, who along with David Soul became the TV pin up cops of the 1970s with their TV show Starsky and Hutch.

Go on YouTube and watch the open titles of that show, and you will see the very cardigan as Starsky climbs out of a swimming pool and shows that this cardigan even when wet, is the perfect crime fighting cardigan. The cardigan was never going to be looked at again as an old man’s clothing style.

Of course, the trendy 1970s cardigans were multi coloured, after all what wasn’t in the 1970s. But this cardigan became a cult in itself, as the popularity of this show globally led the teenage boys to wear these super cool cardigans at the school discos, or even to those parent type of parties. The girls loved it. Well I think they did. Or perhaps it was Starsky that they liked?

One of Starsky’s most popular cardigans was a long sleeve white beauty with thicker collar. The arms and the chest of the cardigan had a matching blue motif, so when your arms were at your side the motif went right across your body. Well it looked great at the time. You could buy them everywhere and if not you could always ask your mum or gran to knit you one!

My version had buttons, but I never can recall ever seeing the Starsky version ever having buttons. Underneath the cardigan, he usually wore a great looking denim shirt. I also copied this look but sadly, mine never looked as good.

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70s Fashion

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