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Mini, Midi, Maxi Skirt

Mini, Midi, Maxi Skirt

Mini, Midi, Maxi Skirt
A-line skirts in 3 different lengths, usually worn with knee-length boots. No doubt, which length the blokes preferred! (1972). Again mostly influenced from the 1960s, but you cannot keep a good skirt down. If you know what I mean.

The mini skirt was every schoolboys dream. Here you had the ability to see the legs of the wearer right up to the, well nearly the top. It was always a joy to watch the girls wearing them trying to sit down gracefully without revealing those blue knickers. Of course, I am not talking from personal history you understand.

The Midi was the one that mostly came down to around the knee level. No problems here for the girls getting embarrassed in a strong wind or finding it difficult to sit down without revealing all! But for the lads watching it was like the curtain had come down half way. But the Midi was a practical skirt that helped protect the girls’ legs from the rain and was easy and comfortable to wear.

The maxi was every guy’s spoiler. Here we had something that called itself a dress or skirt, but actually was more like a pair of trousers as it covered absolutely everything. It was normally made of thicker material, and it never stopped moving. When a girl stopped walking the material was so heavy it continued to flow. It became quite a favourite for the older ladies who wanted to stay in the 1970s fashion, but maybe, just maybe did not have the legs to go with it.

Maxi skirts were not usually allowed at school probably because the skirts were too cumbersome. However, thinking about it now, for some reason school rules played in the boys favour and seemed to ban any clothes that fully covered the girls’ legs. This seemed unfair, especially in winter!

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70s Fashion

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