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Leather/Suede Waistcoat with tassels

Leather/Suede Waistcoat with tassels

Leather or suede waistcoats with tassels were a macho fashion accessory favoured by bikers or Hells Angels. The serious bikers often wore jerkins and sometimes added club patches to their waistcoats although later in the decade this style was replaced by denim cut off waistcoats worn over the black leather biker jacket.
Easy Rider – the cult film classic had been released in 1969 and the cowboy biker look was in with British bikers. The leather-tasselled waistcoat tapped into this tough guy image.

Hippies also occasionally wore suede waistcoats with tassels and they looked good as part of what we now call the boho look. In general, waistcoats were popular in the 1970s with both sexes and leather and suede waistcoats with tassels fit into the 1970s waistcoat style. Individuality was important to the groovy young people of the 70s so you could find a wide range of fashionable styles and accessories.

The leather /suede waistcoat with tassels was not one for the girls. This was a manly style that certainly would not have been worn with hotpants.

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70s Fashion

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