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Cowbell Necklace

Cowbell Necklace

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Love and peace baby! Far out. Groovy!  The cowbell necklace was big in the 1960s and was a small bell hanging from a leather shoestring. Worn by hippies throughout the late sixties, cowbell necklaces were a vital part of the early hippy look along with beads and flower power, and made a tinkling noise when the wearer moved.

In the early 1970s, many people still hung onto the fashions and styles of an earlier era. Hippy bells, sandals and flares could still be seen out and about on the High Street. Although the scene had changed in this decade, the cowbell necklace was still popular.

1970 saw the first Glastonbury festival – then called Pilton festival and ran by just 14 people led by Michael Eavis and taking place on his farm – as now. 1500 people bought tickets to the first festival and who would have thought this small event would grow into a multi million annual blockbuster!

Looking at the pictures now, getting your kit off and getting stoned on pot seems to have been a huge part of it. Looks like fun in a way – that’s if you like rolling about naked in mud, dressed in nothing but your beads and your cowbell necklace.

Hippies and pop festivals went together. Although the summer of love was long over, hippies were still alive and kicking in smaller numbers around the UK. Even today, Glastonbury hangs on to its early hippy roots with the Green Field area and Healing fields still popular.

All of that was long in the future in the 1970s. These early festivals were for the hippy contingent who carried on wearing the flares, sandals and acid inspired tie dyes and ethnic clothing throughout the decade and beyond.

More cowbells please!

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