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Austin Maxi Range

The good-looking Maxi 1500 is a truly practical car-versatile, roomy, economic-designed for hard work and comfortable travel. Business, pleasure, holidays, shopping – it takes them all in its stride (and takes all the luggage. too). lndependent Hydrolastic suspension, radial-ply tyres, positive action remote shift gearbox, servo-assisted brakes (discs on the front) and synchro on five forward gears all make for good going and safe stopping. That fifth gear is really useful-you can cruise at high speed and yet keep the revs down. And that keeps petrol consumption and engine wear down, too.

Out and about or round town, the Maxi 1500 handles easily-it’ll turn inside a neat 34 ft circle. And inside there’s lots of room to manoeuvre (Just open any of the five doors-the back is one big lift-up ‘tail-gate’- and you’ll realize what space should mean in a car.
Once again, the Maxi emphasis is on practicality, but cutting no corner on comfort or good looks. The seats, fully adjustable at the front, are broad and shaped for support and have handsome knit-backed expander vinyl wearing surfaces. Like the snug-fitting deep-pile carpet, the vinyl’ s made specially hard-wearing for a long and vigorous life. A multi- purpose column stalk and ‘rocker’ switches on the well-planned walnut veneer fascia give fingertip control.

As for passenger and luggage space – have it your own way. Normally there’s seating for four and a spacious 12’6 cu ft gross (approx.) boot but you only have to fold down the rear seat to get a vast and versatile, 50’9 cu ft gross (approx.) of estate car. And when you really want to spread yourself, all the seats go flat out into a double bed.
For safety’s sake we’ve fitted plastic window winders and flush-fitting door handles, padded sun visors, a safety-framed rear view mirror and a padded steering-wheel.
You’ll find all these sensible, comforting features inside the 1750 too.

There’s one big difference between the 1750 and the 1500-and that’s the big 1748 cc engine. Like the 1500’s engine, it’s specially designed for economy and reliability but with a generous extra helping of power and acceleration.


Both engines are transversely mounted and drive the front wheel giving the car their compact overall size and uncluttered interior flexibility. Other common features of these two exceptional cars include gas-filled telescopic assisters for effortless lifting of the ‘tail-gate’ rear door and an automatic reversing light. Both cars are equipped with alternators, protected like the rest of the main electrics by a plastic clip-on ‘anti-damp’ shield. Triplex ‘Zebra Zone’ toughened windscreen and anti-burst door locks are fitted for greater safety. A choice of manual or automatic gear-change is now available for 1750 models only, and if you choose automatic (at extra cost) you don’t have to give up man control-this new gearbox gives you both.

A higher compression 1748 cc engine served by twin carburettors at the heart of this hot addition to the Maxi range. The stylish HL has power output of 91 b.h.p. (DIN) at 5,250 rev/min-to match the fantastic Maxi load input and brings real power to the driver who wants speed coupled with versatility and practicality.

There are plenty of features to tell the world about the HL’s distinctive performance. There’s a chrome surrounded grille with matt black bars black banded hub caps and wheel trims; and contrasting black PVC inserts in the side and rear chrome mouldings. All these give the HL a handsome head-start on the opposition. The front bumpers have under riders, and even the exhaust tail-pipe is chrome-trimmed.

There are all the standard Maxi advantages too – front-wheel drive giving supple manoeuvrability, independent Hydrolastic suspension radial-ply tyres, servo-assisted brakes (discs on the front) and the five forward gears. Inside as well, it’s the same versatile Maxi – with some interesting variations.

A number of different things mark out the HL from the other Maxis – and from the rest of the field. The sports steering-wheel with its simulated leather-bound rim and distinctive HL centre motif. Attractive nylon fabric panels give extra style and comfort to the broad Maxi seats. The well-laid-out fascia is faced in padded vinyl. The gaitered gear-lever topped with a simulated wood-finish grip and there is a safety dipping rear view mirror.

Some things aren’t different. The carpet and trim have the same handsome luxury in all the Maxis. All have a steering-column lock, a locking glove box, two-speed heater, hazard warning lights, cigar lighter, heated rear window and draught-free, fresh air ventilation. And all have two speed self-parking wipers and twin jet washers. On the HL. the washer are electrically operated.

The HL combines performance and extra style with the Maxi’s renowned versatility and practicality. lt’s everything a performance saloon should be, and a lot, lot more

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